Certificated TAF testing service

BELX test lab (Accreditation No. 3607)

To meet the company's development needs and maintain its lab at highest quality level, an application for the testing laboratory accreditation, in compliance with ISO / IEC 17025: 2017 (CNS 17025:2018), was filed in January 2019. The approval was granted by the Taiwan Accreditation Foundation (TAF) in December 2019.


The accredited items include (1) cellular oxidative stress biological activity test, (2) ROS-related enzyme test.

BELX provides independent, impartial, confidential, and cost-effective testing services for accredited items. Our service can help customers quickly enter international markets while reducing operational risks.





1. Intracellular oxidative stress

  • Active pharmaceutical ingredients (1001)
  • Pharmaceuticals (1002)
  • Chinese herbal medicinal materials/preparations (1003)
  • Anti-ROS bioactivity assay

2. ROS-related enzyme

  • Biological science and technology (1499)
  • Malondialdehyde(MDA) (B301)
  • Catalase (B301)
  • Glutathione peroxidase (Gpx) (B301)


For details, please see BEL-X TAF accreditation webpage.


Statements for Impartiality and Confidentiality

   To ensure the impartial provision of the test/calibration and inspection data and results to society and also safeguard the customer’s interest and right under legal circumstances and ensure the confidentiality of the test/calibration and inspection work, BELX test lab (Accreditation No. 3607), states as follows:

1.BELX test lab is providing test/calibration and inspection work based on the requirements set out in ISO/IEC 17025 and ISO/IEC 17020, and performing independent, impartial         and accurate test/calibration inspection to test/calibration or inspection objects.

2. All BELX test lab staffs shall strictly follow all requirements, not be affected by any factors that may influence the preciseness and conformity judgment of test/calibration or   inspection results.

3. The impartiality and truthfulness of the test/calibration or inspection reports issued by test centers of technical departments of BELX test lab shall not be affected and stressed for   any abnormal business, financial activities or others.

4. BELX test lab shall not perform any activities that affect the impartiality of BELX test lab.

5. BELX test lab shall continue to ensure and comply with this Impartiality Policy through internal audit, management review and risk management processes.

6. BELX test lab shall be responsible for the management of the all information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activities, personnel, including any grade of   BELX test lab staff, external providers of services and products), shall keep confidential all information obtained or created during the performance of laboratory activities, except   as required by law.