Development of botanical new drug

1. Technology Platform




2.Core mechanism of botanical new drug BEL-X



Oxidative stress and inflammation caused by reactive oxygen species (ROS) imbalance are the origins for inducing various chronic diseases in multiple organs. The core mechanism of botanical new drug BEL-X is to inhibit ROS production resulting in reduction of the oxidative stress and the inflammation to maintain oxidative stress balance in the cells. The current selected indications of botanical BEL-X include viral infected chronic diseases, liver diseases, cancers, sarcopenia, and aging related chronic diseases.


3.Unique features of botanical new drug BEL-X




• Innovative technologies patent layout

• Novel mechanism of action

• Single/combination therapies for multiple diseases Refinement

• Botanical new drug development platform

• Quality control in drug manufacturing (PIC/S-cGMP)

• DNA authentication and quality control of raw material (GACP plantation) Inheritance

• Long history of human use experience

• Single medicinal plant with well-known therapeutic effects

• Less side effects and low toxicity